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  • blargsnarf - Saturday 24 November 2018 15:36Reply
    @ Fen : I rip (or find rips of) the sprites, then edit them.

    I think I found these sprites over on spriters-resource.
  • Anonymous - Thursday 22 November 2018 08:56Reply
    could you do a pic of eclipsa and globgor from svtfoe next
  • Fen - Sunday 18 November 2018 15:48Reply
    Wait how do you make these? Do you have a sprite sheet?
  • Lazzylad - Friday 16 November 2018 14:21Reply
    More these are so nice
  • Austin - Monday 12 November 2018 08:20Reply
    Oh man, this is great. You do the style PERFECTLY. A South Park comic would be AWESOME!
  • Smaik - Friday 9 November 2018 14:58Reply
    Love these comics
  • Isaac - Wednesday 7 November 2018 22:06Reply
    I don't know if I should say trick or treat. Which ever one gets me under that ass!
  • Draccy - Tuesday 6 November 2018 23:51Reply
    A pairing I've tried to find even a whiff of a fic about, and now there's a nice little short comic of them. Thanks man.
  • SuperShadow767 - Tuesday 6 November 2018 21:17Reply
    Absolutely gorgeous!! Please do more stuff with Uniqua in the future <3
  • BlargsnarfFan - Sunday 4 November 2018 15:42Reply
    As always a great job. Very sexy
    I hope it has a continuity.

    Recently it has been released a serie on Netflix called Hilda has been released.
    Maybe in the future you can do something with her.