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  • blargsnarf - Sunday 3 March 2019 17:27Reply
    @ Pake Jaul : Dot Goes to Hollywood, a.. very interesting movie that I watched on my Discord server.
  • Pake Jaul - Sunday 3 March 2019 12:57Reply
    Where is this from?
  • blargsnarf - Sunday 3 March 2019 10:12Reply
    @ Isaac : There's always a chance! I have nothing planned at the moment though.

    @ No one : I just wanna say you make me really sad.
  • Yo - Wednesday 27 February 2019 23:20Reply
    To be continued
  • No one - Monday 18 February 2019 12:38Reply
    Aaaaaand we're back to this fucking shit again. This comic and recent pics ruined by Clyde. Welp, we've gotta find a way to stop the shit and madness from spreading lol
  • No one - Monday 18 February 2019 12:34Reply
    This is the good shit man.
  • No one - Thursday 14 February 2019 09:49Reply
    Yeah, Lincoln is cool. All these assholes are just insecure and prefer a shit character like the abomination called Clyde.
  • No one - Thursday 14 February 2019 09:48Reply
    @ Al dusty : Thanks for your input. I'll be sure to put it in the suggestion box for future reference.
  • Isaac - Wednesday 13 February 2019 22:20Reply
    I loved the comics with miss bighead. Any chances of more comics with her or the bouvier twins?
  • Yo - Sunday 10 February 2019 04:26Reply
    Are you alive bro?