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  • Anon - Thursday 7 February 2019 13:56Reply
    Super hot, I remember reading one of these books in elementary school. @blargsnarf are you still going to be putting out content in the future, or are you planning on stopping? Love your work and it seems like there's less posts nowadays. Hope you're doing what you want either way!
  • Al dusty - Monday 4 February 2019 06:07Reply
    @BuzzRuzz @bigt39 what Linc hating? You Lincoln Stan's so annoying
  • Al dusty - Monday 4 February 2019 06:00Reply
    @No One dude you're so cringy
  • Mista Boombastic - Tuesday 29 January 2019 19:59Reply
    Remember when this comic wasn’t fucking dead?

    Good times.
  • Anonymous - Friday 18 January 2019 12:57Reply
    you should make a pic of globgor and eclipsa from svtfoe next
  • No one - Monday 14 January 2019 17:37Reply
    @ psychosalads : You're right. I don't speak for all. Only those who are reasonable and in the majority of not wanting shit characters in porn. We outnumber idiots like you more than you realize.
  • bigt30 - Sunday 13 January 2019 19:55Reply
    that's okay Steven has gem women to fuck
  • A degenerate staying anonymous - Tuesday 8 January 2019 21:09Reply
    @ blargsnarf : I checked pretty much a large majority of your work and yet I still want more. Either intepret that as a bad sign for me or a good sign over the quality of your art.
  • Mappy - Tuesday 8 January 2019 16:40Reply
    Millhorse was always into Bart Simpson. It's indicated that the House might be bisexual. Martin and Rod and Todd too.
  • RD - Tuesday 8 January 2019 05:22Reply
    @ blargsnarf : honestly outside of just magically not being porn(even then itd probably just be more disappointing than lacking of quality) i can see any direction being quite enjoyable given what your track record is!