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  • ddddddddddddd - Thursday 20 December 2018 23:03Reply
    come on man you haven't updated in the last 2 months wtf
  • JustSomeGuy - Sunday 16 December 2018 05:11Reply
    When will the november pictures be released?
  • Dragon - Thursday 13 December 2018 08:49Reply
    Wow, this is really amazing! I hope on day you make a continuity to this! Like bart pulling down lisa's yoga pants while shes bending over and he's kneeled down and he has his nose in his sister's ass while eyes looking up and a cum string shooting from bart's tenting shorts. I wish i could commision you to do this, but i have no idea how to commision you! Would be nice to know exactly how i could pay you for such a commision and maybe more...
  • anon - Thursday 6 December 2018 15:42Reply
    yeet my fetus
  • Jazzy - Tuesday 4 December 2018 20:31Reply
    Deliciously depraved and well written
  • Isaac - Sunday 2 December 2018 22:57Reply
    When will the new photos be released?
  • BlaqueDragoon - Saturday 1 December 2018 20:12Reply
    You have been doing good with these Loud House Fart Pics, You've done all of the Eldest Siblings, but Leni Farting on Lincoln.

    You have been doing gangbusters with many characters. Any plans on doing background characters down the line?
  • psychosalads - Friday 30 November 2018 01:42Reply
    @@ No one : You definitely don't speak for all. Clyde really fit in this comic.
  • Isaac - Thursday 29 November 2018 22:25Reply
    I don't get why he is so nervous. If I was him, I'd be all up in her butt for days on end!
  • JustSomeGuy - Thursday 29 November 2018 08:52Reply
    Hey Blarg. Since you're so good at drawing. Can you copy an artists way of drawing? Coz there's this comic i really wanna see a 2nd part of it's called School Kinks and Hijinks. I would love to commission it.