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  • BlaqueDragoon - Tuesday 8 January 2019 00:02Reply
    A question....you think Rusty, Zack, Liam, and Clyde were there first too?
  • BlaqueDragoon - Tuesday 8 January 2019 00:01Reply
    I got a question Blargsnarf, based around the sketch that takes place after it. And if there was enough demand for it...you think a sequel to "The Chamber of Questionable Odors" would be possible? one day?

    Also, this pic is how I found you. Because of this...this made me a fan of Agnes Johnson and you.
  • blargsnarf - Monday 7 January 2019 21:19Reply
    @ RD : I'm not really sure myself, so hopefully it goes somewhere good.
  • blargsnarf - Monday 7 January 2019 21:19Reply
    @ Anon : Weird how fetishes work, huh? I don't understand futa but it sure is super common. Welcome to hormones!
  • blargsnarf - Monday 7 January 2019 21:18Reply
    @ A degenerate staying anonymous : Because 11 years of activity just isn't enough.
  • Anon - Sunday 6 January 2019 19:28Reply
    Man, what a lame ass fetish, I could never understand how some can get off on not getting off. Seems wack as fuck to me.
  • A degenerate staying anonymous - Saturday 5 January 2019 23:25Reply
    Finally some new content publicly available, but at the very least some activity in this website. I know all about the patreon and early access, but all I pretty much wanted was a sign of activity.
  • RD - Saturday 5 January 2019 00:33Reply
    holy shit i cant wait to see where this goes
  • Donny - Thursday 3 January 2019 23:12Reply
    Wish you posted more really like your stuff
  • SteveSimpson - Sunday 23 December 2018 16:46Reply
    I would like to see Bart being fucked by the two French wine producers. He deserves it.