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  • danval1 danval1
  • Fartluvah69 - Saturday 12 May 2018
    Bart's a pig For manholes and his little stinker is absolutely brimming with dudegoop! Just wait til homer comes home and really digs in to that trufflehole!
  • RockManX94 - Friday 11 May 2018
    You Should honestly make a Steven universe comic or something. hell maybe show of some old Steven universe sketches. sprinkle some spoilers just for fun.
  • ral - Friday 11 May 2018
    this one is great, i always find myself coming back to your Adventure Time stuff. would love more candy poop type stuff haha
  • Babaskisssquebydog - Friday 11 May 2018
    До слёз ; _ ;
  • blargsnarf - Friday 11 May 2018
    @ ToriTentacleLover : Sorry, it's a SU pic.

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