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  • blargsnarf - Wednesday 22 November 2017 11:21
    @ Nick : I don't really do much blogging at all, do I? Maybe I should do some Q&As or something.

    As for BoF, in order from my faves to the ones I pretend don't exist: 3, 2, 4, 1, 5, 6 - 3's art, characters, gameplay and story are so on point for me, 4's art is gorgeous but I hated the dragon transformations (despite such cool dragons existing in the game), 2 is amazing but obviously really dated, 1 was good, just not as good as the others, and 5 and 6 are garbage. 5 at least tried something new, but kinda failed, and 6 just.. nah.
  • Nick - Wednesday 22 November 2017 08:45
    @ blargsnarf :
    That's hilarious! I saw in my e-mail you had posted something about BoF4, and I assumed it was this reply, but then I looked to see a new gif, I was like, 'Holy eff!" hahahaha. It was amazing. Manifestation. I would love to hear your feelings on the series, like which one you resonated with the most or why you love the series too - you should consider writing a blog sometime or something about the games you love. You seem to have such a vast knowledge of obscure and often un-heard of games and whenever you post your work on them, I'm always so-blown away. You have such a unique style that cannot be found anywhere else. Anyways, keep it up, I freakin' love it.
  • blargsnarf - Monday 20 November 2017 14:53
    @ Nick : Thank you! By complete coincidence, I'll be posting a brand new BoF4 animated set on my Patreon in a couple days, but it'll be up on this site at the start of December of course.
  • Nick - Monday 20 November 2017 04:32
    Dude, I love your work so much.
    No one ever attempts any of the Breath of Fire's... and I think they are the most powerful RPGs out there!! So deeply appreciated. Thank you!!!
  • blargsnarf - Sunday 12 November 2017 16:57
    @ noni : Some of those things are answered in the FAQ, and as for pic ordering, at the moment it's a little messed up since I am still adding old stuff I had lost and have only just found. From December onwards it should be all new stuff.

    Sorry to hear you don't like it, though.
  • noni - Sunday 12 November 2017 12:11
    Hate to say it but this gallery is such a letdown and certainly feels like a step back.
    I can't seem to find any easy way how to see which pics have been added since the last dump as sorting by date posted doesn't work because just about everything was posted in the last 2 months without too much attention to post it chronologically.
    Lot of inconsistencies and bugs such as half the site being in english while the other isn't (and I can't seem to find any language switch), some buttons have a slow fade-in on-hover text while other don't, original size pics require to be opened in another tab in order to see the whole pic at once without having to scroll it left/right in that small window, banner not adjusting the screen size and so on and so forth.

    As of right now, I don't like this gallery at all.