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  • Isaac - Wednesday 13 February 2019 22:20
    I loved the comics with miss bighead. Any chances of more comics with her or the bouvier twins?
  • No one - Monday 18 February 2019 12:38
    Aaaaaand we're back to this fucking shit again. This comic and recent pics ruined by Clyde. Welp, we've gotta find a way to stop the shit and madness from spreading lol
  • blargsnarf - Sunday 3 March 2019 10:12
    @ Isaac : There's always a chance! I have nothing planned at the moment though.

    @ No one : I just wanna say you make me really sad.
  • ButtholesAreDelicious - Monday 4 March 2019 03:50
    @ No one : : Dude will please grow up? Don't like don't click. You wanna bitch about someones art take it to some aggregate site, don't go attacking an artist on their own site. You're a fucking dick. Also no one else seems to hate Clyde half as much as you do. You're alone in this and no one cares. Even if you aren't alone and everyone hated Clyde it's blargs art. You want more non-Clyde art fucking commission some.

    I'm here trying to fap and I have to see this irritating shit every time. I don't like the damn pixel art. You know what I do? I don't click on the pixel art. (Not a complaint blarg you do you.) If you're old enough to browse this site legally act like it.
  • No one - Tuesday 5 March 2019 22:27
    @ blargsnarf : I'm so sorry Blargy-san~ I have nothing against you. I love you're work and you are a talented and phenomenal artist, which is why I come back here and masturbate hard to it lol I just really9 hate Clyde and characters like him with a raging passion as hot as the suns core and it saddens me you have to waste your time drawing such a disgrace to humanity with your superb talent.
  • TRM - Thursday 28 March 2019 09:34
    I gotta say. it's nice to see the comic back again after all these months. when is the next page coming out and if possible can u give us a hint who's next ;)
  • blargsnarf - Wednesday 1 May 2019 12:04
    @ No one : imagine caring
  • No one - Thursday 2 May 2019 19:06
    @ blargsnarf : Since you take the time out of your day to draw these and get paid for it, I think you do care a little.
  • blargsnarf - Saturday 4 May 2019 13:55
    @ No one : I do indeed care about getting paid. I could not care less about whether or not a fictional black child gets his fictional dick drained by fictional girls.
  • No one - Friday 10 May 2019 06:39
    @ blargsnarf : Hey, you still draw it. Even if you got paid, if you didn't like something you still wouldn't do it.