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  • blargsnarf - Sunday 6 October 2019 00:49
    @ Question : All background characters from the Halloween episode. I think the "kilt" one is supposed to be dressed as Sherlock Holmes!
  • Question - Thursday 3 October 2019 18:45
    Who's the one fucking Frankie in the ass, the one in the kilt, and the bucktoothed imaginary friend with the tentacles?
  • blargsnarf - Wednesday 2 October 2019 09:33
    @ Jakoff : Yeah, Fosters Home sure is a fun style to do. Hopefully one day!
  • Jakoff - Wednesday 2 October 2019 05:55
    You really need an updated Frankie comic, I remember I used to love the one you have from 2007 like 10 years ago. I've seen all your Fosters work too many times though, and your art has improved SO much. Just a suggestion from a fan, I know you have a lot already. Also, great work with this sketch, would've loved to see it in color.